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Every LEGO Icons Set Rumoured For 2024 | Modular, Botanical Collection, Dune, NASA, Moments + More

As rumours for 2024 continue to ramp up it's time to look at all the sets currently rumoured for one of the most popular LEGO themes, LEGO Icons. The 18+ theme has had another busy 2023 and 2024 seems to be similar with a whole range of licensed and unlicensed sets. There are even some cheaper sets like 10331 which only retails for $49.99 and 10330 which is slightly more expensive but still reasonable at $79.99.

Other cheaper LEGO Icons sets include two more Botanical Collection sets which both release on 1st January 2024. The names of the sets 10328 and 10329 are currently unknown but we expect another bouquet along with a set more similar to 10311 Orchid where a singular plant is included in a beautifully designed pot.

Also releasing in January for the LEGO Icons theme is the yearly Modular Building. This year it comes under the set number 10326 but apart from that little more is known about the brick-built building. A set we do know a lot of information about though is our first-ever LEGO Dune set of 10327 Dune Ornithopter. For $164.99, the 18+ set was previously rumoured to release this year but, along with the second film, has been delayed.

Finally, we have two more sets of interest to cover which will release at some point during the first half of 2024. The first is a brand new LEGO NASA space set of 10341 which release in either April or May. And the other is a part of a brand new subtheme for LEGO Icons called 'Moments' The first set of the subtheme will be released in October this year whilst the second one of 10392 releases in early 2024.

10326 *LEGO Icons 2024 Modular Building* - 1st January 2024

10327 Dune Ornithopter ($164.99) - 1,369 pieces - 1st February 2024

10328 *LEGO Icons Botanical Collection* ($59.99) - 822 pieces - 1st January 2024

10329 *LEGO Icons Botanical Collection* ($49.99) - 758 pieces - 1st January 2024

10330 *LEGO Icons* ($79.99) - 693 pieces - 1st March 2024

10331 *LEGO Icons* ($49.99) - 834 pieces - 1st February 2024

10332 *LEGO Icons* - 2024

10341 *LEGO Icons Licensed NASA Space Set* - 1st April/May 2024

10392 *LEGO Icons Moments set* - 2024


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