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Every LEGO Harry Potter Set Rumoured For 2023 | Buildable House Banners, Room of Requirement + More

The LEGO Harry Potter theme was one of the most popular themes in the first half of this year and it's expanding further in 2023. Thanks to we've known for a while about two waves of LEGO Harry Potter sets. The first is the most detailed as six sets will be releasing on 1st March 2023

Of these six sets are four 'gimmick' sets which will be buildable house banners. Each of the four houses will have there own set along with three corresponding Minifigures. Just like the books, each banner should be foldable and will thus offer a small scene inside. However, these will be $5 more than the books due to recent price increases so will retail for $34.99.

The surprising sets of the first wave are another Room of Requirement, this time based on the final film, and a brand new Triwizard Cup set. The set, in particular, is 76420 which will be based on the first challenge taking place in the Black Lake. This is only the second time a set based on this scene has appeared in LEGO form. It's build isn't the biggest ever at $44.99 but it does include at least five Minifigures.

30651 *LEGO Harry Potter Polybag* - 55 pieces - 2023 (Rumoured)

76409 Gryffindor House Banner ($34.99) - 285 pieces - 1st March 2023 (Rumoured)

76410 Slytherin House Banner ($34.99) - 349 pieces - 1st March 2023 (Rumoured)

76411 Ravenclaw House Banner ($34.99) - 305 pieces - 1st March 2023 (Rumoured)

76412 Hufflepuff House Banner ($34.99) - 313 pieces - 1st March 2023 (Rumoured)

76413 Hogwarts: Room of Requirement ($49.99) - 587 pieces - 1st March 2023 (Rumoured)

76414 *LEGO Harry Potter* - Summer 2023 (Rumoured)

76415 *LEGO Harry Potter* - Summer 2023 (Rumoured)

76416 *LEGO Harry Potter* - Summer 2023 (Rumoured)

76417 *LEGO Harry Potter* - Summer 2023 (Rumoured)

76418 *LEGO Harry Potter* - Summer 2023 (Rumoured)

76419 *LEGO Harry Potter* - Summer 2023 (Rumoured)

76420 Triwizard Cup: The Black Lake ($44.99) - 349 pieces 1st March 2023 (Rumoured)


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