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All The Rumoured Information on LEGO Ideas 21342 Insects | September 2023

It was just the other day we covered the rumours regarding 21343 Viking Village but we now have further information about the LEGO Ideas set releasing just before 21343. In particular, this is 21342 Insects which will include a total of 1,111 pieces and retail for $79.99. Thanks to Brick Clicker we have further rumoured information about the 18+ set which will release in just over a month's time on 4th September 2023.

The LEGO Ideas set based on the original fan-made submission will include a colourful collection of brick-built LEGO insects. These insects include a beetle, a praying mantis, a butterfly, a honey bee and a ladybug. All of these are built using a range of interesting and detailed techniques in order to create them in LEGO form yet still make them look like the real thing.

Along with these five brick-built insects, the set also includes some brick-built flowers. 21342 includes three small stands with a flower on it allowing you to display the insects in as many interesting and realistic ways as you like. And that's all that makes up the 1,111 pieces included in this set which should be revealed within the next couple of weeks as 21342 Insects is available as soon as the 4th of September 2023.

Set Information

Set Name - Insects

Set Number - 21342

Ages - 18+

Piece Count - 1,111

Price - $79.99

Release Date - 4th September 2023

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