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All the Rumoured Information on LEGO Icons 10323 Pac-Man Arcade Machine | June 2023

The LEGO Videogames sets just keep on coming as not only are we getting LEGO Sonic the Hedgog sets this year, but we're also getting a Pac-Man set. This is the previously rumoured 10323 Pac-Man Arcade Machine which will be a brand new 18+ set releasing under the LEGO Icons theme on 1st June 2023. The set will retail for $269.99 with 2,651 pieces and a fairly substantial build thanks to new information from Brick Clicker.

The LEGO Icons set will be very similar to another 18+ videogame set of 71374 Nintendo Entertainment System. Here however it's Pac-Man who can be controlled rather than Mario and the classic yellow 8-bit character goes around the level on the arcade machine just like in real life but in brick-built LEGO form. This means the arcade machine itself will take up the majority of the build but according to Brick Clicker it is well-sized for that $270 price tag.

The build doesn't stop there though as even though we have no Minifigures in this 18+ set, we do get some display models. These include brick-built Pac-Man and a selection of colourful ghosts which will likely be displayed on a black stand next to the arcade build. All of this and more will be included in 10323 and its 2,651 pieces with official pictures just a few weeks away as it releases on 1st June 2023.

Set Information

Set Name - Pac-Man Arcade Machine

Set Number - 10323

Ages - 18+

Piece Count - 2,651

Price - $269.99

Release Date - 1st June 2023


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