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All The Rumoured Information on LEGO Creator Expert 10305 Lion Knight's Castle | 90th Anniversary

The highly anticipated and one of the biggest sets of the year, 10305 Lion Knight's Castle is closer than ever to its release date. The original 90th Anniversary set has been rumoured for a long time as the winner of the 90th Anniversary vote but will now be releasing alongside the Classic Space remake of 10497 Galaxy Explorer. And thanks to we have further information about the build of the set which was previously teased.

A total of 20 Minifigures will be included in the $349.99 set with many of them already shown in the 10300 Back to the Future Time Machine promotional video. These include a maid, a young ranger, a boy and a farmer wearing a blue forestman hat and blue ox cart. They'll also be a total of nine lion knights included with red torsos and blue arms along with a blue lion crest on the torso, as well as blue legs and red robe printing.

Furthermore, there are two forestmen with green hats, green legs and green torsos along with some red printing. Two of the Falcon Knights introduced last year will also be included in their usual blue and grey colour scheme. There will also be a baker, a skeleton in the dungeons, a magician and a Queen. However, no king will be included with her which is why the set will now most likely be called Lion Knight's Castle.

All of these 20 Minifigures will include a wide range of accessories like swords, axes, maces, lances, bows and shields. Various helmets and armour can be swapped between different Minifigures and a fanfare, a lute, a drum and several flags will also be buildable within the set. There is also a range of animals including a horse with a range of new armour, a white lamb and a cow.

But now it's time to look at the build which will be the largest LEGO Castle of all time consisting of 4514 pieces and measuring around half a metre wide. The castle can be used from both the front and back being extremely playable from every angle. At the Center of the great castle is the large Gatehouse which is heavily inspired by previous LEGO Castle sets.

A small ascent takes the Minifigure from the outside to a brown drawbridge which can be raised using the rotary wheel on the castle wall. There is also a portcullis as further protection for the castle residents. In the room under the castle gate is a dungeon with two cells to store the enemies. However, in the left cell, which is behind a large tree, it will be possible to take out the outer wall and escape the cell.

Above the castle gate, on the other hand, the knights can choose a variety of weapons and armour in the armoury. The rest of the rooms are taken up with a castle kitchen, a millstone connected to the water wheel, a treasury, a dining room and the queen's chambers. However, no throne room is included indicating that it is a castle mainly for knights.

Set Information

Set Name - Lion Knight's Castle

Set Number - 10305

Ages - 18+

Piece Count - 4514

Price - $349.99

Release Date - 1st August 2022

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