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All The Rumoured Information on LEGO Ideas 21335 Motorized Lighthouse | September 2022

The LEGO Ideas theme is set to have its biggest and best year yet as another set has been rumoured for this year and already leaked. 21335 Motorized Lighthouse is set to become the fifth LEGO Ideas set of the year after Brick Clicker on YouTube shared pictures of the sets back box design. However, the set is still yet to be officially revealed by LEGO as this is likely to take place next week before the sets release date of 1st September 2022.

21335 Motorized Lighthouse is, as the name suggests, a lighthouse built on a cliff edge which is on a dark blue baseplate. Majority of the rocky cliff edge covers the baseplate but there's a small space at the front of the Lighthouse where boats can dock. This is where the boat pice but in white and with an exclusive print can go.

Compared to the original design, the final one is no longer microfigure scale and instead is all based on Minifigures allowing two to be placed in this set. These are a Lighthouse Keeper in blue clothing along with a sailors hat and a fisherwoman whos dressed in green and brown. These Minifigures are easily able to get inside of the little cottage and inside of the lighthouse itself as both have an interior.

These areas both have a range of different furniture inside with walls and roofs being able to be removed for easier access. Some treasure can also be found inside the rocky cliff edge. However, the main draw is the motorization of the lighouse which will most likely be the light brick being moveable to represent an actual lighthouse helping guide ships out to sea.

Set Information

Set Name - Motorized Lighthouse

Set Number - 21335

Ages - 18+

Piece Count - 2065

Price - $299.99

Release Date - 1st September 2022


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