You Can Now Vote A Future LEGO Minecraft Minifigure To Appear In A Brand New 2022 Set

One of the more exciting things that happened in LEGO CON this year involved the LEGO Minecraft theme. It was announced that a new vote would take place to determine the design of an upcoming Minifigure. The chosen LEGO Minecraft Minifigure will appear in a brand new LEGO Minecraft set next year.

There are three different designs to vote on: Ninja, Warrior and Ranger. You can now vote for one of these different Minifigures on LEGOs official Twitter account. Voting will then close on July 3rd but we don't yet know when the winner will be announced or when we'll see the Minifigure actually appear in a set.

A good point was also later made by people in the community saying that if you already have designs for all these Minifugres why not just release them at a later point too. We really hope that LEGO do this as all three are great designs and deserve to be in a set.