Will LEGO Sonic Be A Brand New LEGO Theme In 2022?

Reports have circulated that SEGA's marketing director may have hinted of a future LEGO Sonic theme in the future. This would follow the upcoming Sonic Mania LEGO Ideas set which is set to release next year. John Choon, SEGA's marketing director, then hinted at the possibility of a full-time LEGO Sonic theme coming as soon as 2022.

This will of course massively depend on how well the LEGO Ideas Sonic Mania set sells when it reaches the shelves next year. During an early episode of Bits N' Bricks podcast, Choon himself said that "a LEGO Sonic line of sets" is possible and had a positive reaction towards the idea but said that the original LEGO Sonic set would need to sell "extremely well".

However, the challenge of making a LEGO Ideas set into an actual LEGO theme isn't easy with the main success being LEGO Minecraft. But if you do want a LEGO Sonic theme to come as early as 2022, Choon encourages you to buy the LEGO Sonic Mania set and support it in any way possible. The main thing is that the sales have to show that the theme would be a huge success in the market.

The upcoming LEGO Ideas Sonic Mania set was also mentioned heavily in the podcast. Choon and his team are looking forward to the set and hope that fans of both SEGA and LEGO enjoy it. Choon also said that Sonic and Eggman won't be the only characters included in the set but they will try to keep it very similar to the original design. This hints at the idea that Tails or Knuckles could be included along with a bigger area of Green Hill Zone.