Why Has There Been No LEGO Harry Potter Sets From The Deathly Hallows?

With it now being the fourth year of the most recent LEGO Harry Potter sets, some fans have started to question why we still haven't seen any sets based on the last book of the series. The last book was even split into two movies meaning that there are many scenes to choose from to turn into LEGO form.

The first year of sets focused on The Philosopher's Stone and The Chamber of Secrets. The second year moved on to The Prisoner of Azkaban and The Goblet of Fire. And finally, last years sets were based on The Order of Pheonix and The Half-Blood Prince. This led most of us to assume that this year's sets would be based on The Deathly Hallows.

However, the LEGO Harry Potter designers instead brought out a new modular like system and 20th Anniversary Golden Minifigures. This makes sense as it is 20 years since the first LEGO Harry Potter set appeared on our shelves but fans are still desperate to have some brand new sets based on the last two films.

Our questions as to why we've had no Deathly Hallow sets have finally been answered in a recent interview by Tips & Bricks. They put questions to LEGO Design Master Marcos Bessa who started off by repeating their initial strategy for the theme: "For the first few years of the relaunch we had a clear strategy of focusing on the first few movies, then to move on to 4 and 5."

He continued by saying, "For 2021, we had a blank slate and got to look back at what we can do that’s fresh to keep the franchise relevant. That’s where we decided to go for a soft restart on the story, so instead of looking at specific movies, we decided to look at key moments. We reflected on what started the franchise, picking some of the strong sets and reinvented them to fit how we design sets now, as a love letter to the first sets."

Bessa finished by saying: "It's definitely not to say we won't cover the later movies at some point, but they do tend to be aimed at a higher age which is why we target the first few movies. Our overall values ​​are more in line with the first movies where there's more magic and the universal theme of a wizarding school is more in line with our values. I definitely think we're creative enough to sneak in things here and there, so who's to say what will come in the future?"

So for now we shouldn't get our hopes up for Deathly Hallow sets in 2022 but there's always the chance we might return to this usual system of sets in 2023. Next year, LEGO Harry Potter will most likely continue with this modular like system and expand the 20th Anniversary range further into the third and fourth films.