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When Will The LEGO Winter 2022 Sets Be Revealed?

With 2022 fast approaching, as with every year, a handful of LEGO sets will release from a wide range of themes to kick off the year. The majority of these sets will release on January 1st but any D2Cs from any theme have their own release date outside of the usual wave for the theme.

No official pictures have been revealed yet for Januarys sets but there have been plenty of rumours meaning the reveal of most sets must be soon. But when exactly will they be revealed? Well, thanks to 1414FlaconFan on Instagram and some other bits of our own information, we've been able to look at exactly when Winter 2021 sets were revealed so we can roughly guess when Winter 2022 sets will be revealed.

Heres roughly when official images of LEGO sets from a range of different themes were revealed last year for Winter 2021:

  • LEGO Harry Potter: November 16th 2020

  • LEGO Super Mario: November 17th 2020

  • LEGO Minecraft: November 17th 2020 (Only had sets releasing on December 1st 2020 but we've just added a month to the release of these sets - October 17th 2020)

  • LEGO Marvel: November 18th 2020

  • LEGO Star Wars: November 19th/23rd 2020

  • LEGO Ninjago: November 20th 2020

  • LEGO City: November 20th 2020

  • LEGO Creator 3in1: 21st November 2020

  • LEGO DOTS: 22nd November 2020

  • LEGO Speed Champions: 25th November 2020 (Didn't have a Winter 2021 wave so this is based on Winter 2020)

  • LEGO Creator Expert Modular Building: November 27th 2020

  • LEGO Minifigures: 1st December 2020

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