What Should We Expect From LEGOs First-Ever​ LEGO CON

After the recent announcement of LEGOs first-ever LEGO CON, we have now been given further information on what to expect on 26th June live from the LEGO House. The online event is set to share the latest news and events from six different LEGO themes in particular: LEGO Minecraft, LEGO Star Wars, LEGO Technic, LEGO Super Mario, LEGO Harry Potter and LEGO City.

LEGO Minecraft At LEGO CON

The LEGO Minecraft section of LEGO CON will include a Q&A with LEGO Minecraft designers and Lydia Winters from Mojang Studios themselves. This could include some secrets about sets in the future and when we'll see some sets based on the Caves and Cliffs update.


So far, LEGO Star Wars at LEGO CON is only going to be a set reveal. This will probably be the huge D2C 75309 UCS Republic Gunship which is rumoured to be coming out in August 2021. It will consist of 3292 pieces and will retail for around $349.99 with the LEGO Star Wars designers saying that a huge announcement is expected soon.


Even though we rarely cover this theme, LEGO Technic will have a race between a few of its motorised vehicles. Also expect to see two sets revealed that may even be included in this race.

LEGO Super Mario At LEGO CON

The whole LEGO Super Mario Summer 2021 wave is basically expected to be revealed at LEGO CON. This would work perfectly as these will release 1t August. Also, expect some of these sets shown off with both Mario and Luigi. We may even see some multiplayer action and more information about Luigi.

LEGO Harry Potter At LEGO CON

For the LEGO Harry Potter theme, a building challenge is set to take place showing off this years summer sets. The LEGO Harry Potter D2C rumoured to be a collection of different magical items, will probably also be revealed.


The LEGO City section of LEGO CON will include an interview with a real-life astronaut. This might also include the astronaut or someone else talking about LEGO City Space sets. If we're lucky, we might even see the delayed LEGO City Stunt sets officially revealed.

Any Other Themes?

Even though these six themes were the only ones mentioned, LEGO isn't just going to ignore other themes like Marvel and DC which are always very popular. From LEGO Marvel we could expect to see the new Marvel Minifigures, the new Asgard and the WW2 mech. From LEGO DC, we could expect to see both Tumblers revealed and there are rumours of another big announcement.