What LEGO Sets will be Revealed at LEGO CON 2022? | Avatar, Sanctum, AT-TE, 90th Anniversary + More

The second-ever LEGO CON is right around the corner and LEGO has teased plenty of things to build up the hype for an eagerly anticipated virtual event. Last year's first-ever LEGO CON was a massive letdown with only the likes of LEGO Star Wars and LEGO Minecraft having actual reveals. This year will be different though as a few new sets will be revealed along with a brand new theme.

2022s LEGO CON is also going to have three hosts of the returning Melvin Odoom, Vick Hope and Joel Mchale. This is a stronger bigger lineup than last year's inaugural event suggesting that this year's show is more jam-packed than ever but also provides more flexibility with three presenters. Other guests will also feature throughout the two-hour event ranging from LEGO employees to celebrities.

However, the main things that everyone wants to see are brand new sets or at least a deep dive into future sets for the theme. Some little hints and teasers can go a long way and bring in lots of hype but we'll take you through everything that could be revealed at LEGO CON for each theme...

LEGO Avatar

LEGO has already announced that there launching a brand new theme and LEGO Avatar would fit that slot perfectly. We already know four sets will kick the theme off in October with more based on the second film coming next year. Avatar themselves on Twitter even mentioned the event practically confirming the reveal of the following four sets:

  • 75571 Neytiri & Thanator vs AMP Suit Quaritch ($39.99) - 560 pieces - 1st October 2022

  • 75572 Jake and Neytiri's First Flight on a Banshee ($59.99) - 572 pieces - 1st October 2022

  • 75573 Floating Mountains: Site 26 & RDA Samson ($89.99) - 887 pieces - 1st October 2022

  • 75574 Toruk Makto & Tree of Souls ($139.99) - 1212 pieces - 1st October 2022

LEGO Brickheadz

Nothing has really been announced or teased for LEGO Brickheadz but LEGO have confirmed the theme will be there. So far this year, the LEGO Brickheadz theme has explored a random range of licenses and this may very well continue. The theme has had many unexpected reveals and this could continue at LEGO CON. We at least know two more LEGO Brickheadz sets that could be revealed at LEGO:

  • 40545 Koi Fish ($14.99) - 1st August 2022

  • 40546 Poodles ($14.99) - 1st August 2022

LEGO Harry Potter

The LEGO Harry Potter theme has already had the majority of its sets revealed and most are available now, but the themes still putting on a show. A special guest from the film will be joining the event and will take us around Warner Bros. Studio Tour - The Making of Harry Potter. Here they might compare LEGO set to the real things inside the tour.

There may also be hints to upcoming sets like the LEGO Harry Potter D2C of 76405 Hogwarts Express D2C. However, this is rumoured for a 1st September 2022 release so the most we're going to see of the set is a little tease or an easter egg of the Hogwarts Express in the background. They may announce the upcoming GWP though of 40577 The Great Staircase.

LEGO Icons

LEGO will finally kick start its 90th Anniversary celebrations this weekend at LEGO CON. LEGO themselves have already confirmed this on social media so it's likely we'll see set reveals and a nod back to the past. Classic sets compared to the latest versions would be so cool but it's likely we'll only see the reveals of the following sets:

  • 10305 Lion Knight's Castle ($349.99) - 4514 pieces - 1st August 2022

  • 10497 Galaxy Explorer ($99.99) - 1254 pieces - 1st August 2022

  • 71034 Series 23 ($4.99) - 8 pieces - 1st September 2022

LEGO Ideas

LEGO Ideas theme was a rare theme last year that actually had an alright LEGO CON. A future set was revealed to be coming either this year or next year so it's likely we could see that. There's also the next LEGO Ideas set of but this is rumoured to be revealed tomorrow so it might not be as good a show for the LEGO Ideas theme. Either way, either of these two sets could be revealed:

  • 21334 Jazz Quartet ($99.99) - 1606 pieces - 1st July 2022

  • 21337 *Foosball Table* ($349.99)

LEGO Lightyear

The director of the Disney Pixar theme, Lightyear, has been confirmed to be making an appearance in the show as Angus MacLane talks about the three Lightyear sets available now. He'll also be showing us a masterclass from inside Pixar Animation studios and maybe hint at future projects to do with LEGO and Pixar. However, it's very unlikely a set will be revealed here unless we get a random Lightyear Polybag.

LEGO Marvel

Now, this is a theme that everyone's excited about. LEGO Marvel has been treated this year with a range of sets and there are still many more to come. LEGO themselves have already confirmed that a LEGO Marvel set will be revealed at LEGO CON and it's likely this will be 76218 Dr Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum.

However, there are still two more LEGO Marvel D2C sets rumoured for 2022 after the Sanctum. Even though it's very unlikely, these could be revealed or at least hinted at on 18th June 2022. There's also still other unknown Super Heroes sets which could be surprisingly revealed but we're not getting out hopes up.

These are the sets that could possibly be revealed at LEGO CON from the LEGO Marvel theme:

  • 76210 *LEGO Marvel Super Heroes D2C* ($499.99) - 1st September/October 2022

  • 76215 Hulkbuster Mk II ($299.99) - 2500+ pieces - 1st August 2022

  • 76218 Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum ($219.99) - 2708 pieces - 1st August 2022

  • 76222 *LEGO Super Heroes* - 2022

  • 76224 *LEGO Super Heroes* - 2022

  • 76225 *LEGO Super Heroes* ($19.99) - 238 pieces - 1st September 2022

  • 76226 *LEGO Super Heroes* ($24.99) - 258 pieces - 1st September 2022

  • 76230 *LEGO Super Heroes* ($24.99) - 297 pieces - 1st September 2022

LEGO Minecraft

The LEGO Minecraft theme was easily the best theme at LEGO CON last year with exclusive interviews and a Minifigure vote for a future set. This year Agnes Larsson will be interviewed hopefully revealing future sets for the theme based on the recent wild update. There's also still two more sets to be revealed for the theme which are likely to be revealed at LEGO CON or not long after:

  • 21189 Skeleton Cave ($34.99) - 364 pieces - 1st August 2022

  • 21190 Abandoned Village ($39.99) - 422 pieces - 1st August 2022

LEGO Star Wars

The LEGO Star Wars theme has been actioned packed so far this year and there's still more to come this summer. At the Star Wars Celebration, a range of sets were revealed including the highly anticipated Obi-Wan Kenobi sets. This means there are still three more LEGO Star Wars to be revealed for this Summer:

  • 75325 The Justifier ($159.99) - 1022 pieces - 1st August 2022

  • 75332 4+ AT-ST ($29.99) - 87 pieces - 1st August 2022

  • 75337 AT-TE ($139.99) - 1082 pieces - 1st August 2022

LEGO Super Mario

The LEGO Super Mario was the first theme to have its sets for this summer officially revealed all the way back in March. However, these only included one image per set so more images are still to come with the likes of the box art and interactive features in each set. Hopefully, these will be revealed at LEGO CON along with an in-depth look at the new dig-fig Peach.

There are also two more sets that need to be revealed for the theme this year which could be revealed or at least hinted at during LEGO CON. These sets are:

  • 71410 *Character Packs Series 5* ($5.99) - 47 pieces - 1st August 2022

  • 71411 *LEGO Super Mario D2C* ($229.99) - 2807 pieces - 1st July/August/September 2022