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What Does LEGO Think About Their Own First-Ever LEGO CON?

After the disappointing first-ever LEGO CON on Saturday, LEGO have now revealed their own views on the event. The statement discusses their own thoughts on the show and how it went. Overall, LEGO seemed pretty proud of what they managed to pull off on Saturday and are excited for future LEGO CONs.

The LEGO Agency Senior Director, Emma Perkins, was the one to say her opinions on the event: "We established LEGO CON as a unique way to bring fans of all ages and interests together for one incredible and inspiring day of LEGO fun! We wanted to connect with LEGO fans in a new way, and seeing the idea which we first pitched internally ten months ago now brought to life feels truly incredible."

She continued by saying, "I’m absolutely thrilled to see the engagement from fans who fully emerged themselves in the event, whether it was through voting in a poll, creating a LEGO DOTS design, or connecting with other like-minded fans in the live chats. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for LEGO CON moving forward!"

This statement is complelely different to our point of view and many of the fans point of view. Little announcements and set reveals were the main problems with LEGO CON but none of this was mentioned in the above statement. Emma Perkins also never mentioned the livestream crashing way too much and filler content that was included in the stream.


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