What Big LEGO D2Cs Are Still Coming In 2021?

With the second half of 2021 now upon us, it's time to look at what big LEGO Direct To Consumers are still left to come out. The LEGO Creator Expert theme still has a bunch of sets to come out including what could be the biggest LEGO set ever, 10294 Titanic, and a brick-built version of the Camp Nou stadium.

However, there are also many more D2Cs still coming between now and December. The second-ever LEGO set based on a Netflix show will be coming in September and a new Winter Village set will be coming in October just in time for Christmas.

September 2021

10284 Camp Nou Stadium

10291 Queer Eye Apartment

76391 Hogwarts Icons - Collectors' Edition

October 2021

10290 Pickup Truck

10293 Winter Village Collection set

21329 LEGO Ideas Black Stratocaster

71395 LEGO Super Mario Peach's Castle

November 2021

10294 Titanic

21130 Home Alone McCallister's House

75313 LEGO Star Wars UCS AT-AT

76240 LEGO DC Batman Tumbler