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Two LEGO Easter GWPs Available from March 2022 | 40527 Easter Chick + 30583 Easter Bunny Polybag

The next LEGO Gift With Purchases are set to be available within the next few days to celebrate the upcoming Spring and Easter time. LEGO will be releasing two GWPs from March 25th 2022 to celebrate this year's Easter which takes place 17th April just one day after the promotion ends. No official pictures have currently been shown but thanks to we do have official confirmation of their existence.

40527 Easter Chick (March 25th - 16th April)

The first Easter promotional item for this year is the biggest one with 40527 Easter Chick. The set will be in a small-sized box with the usual limited edition packaging. It'll include two brick built chicks both being yellow and orange. One is slightly bigger than the other with a colourful Easter Egg build also included which the chicks can sit it. The set will be available with any purchases over $65 from 25th March until 16th April

30583 Easter Bunny Polybag (March 25th - 16th April)

The second, and only other Easter 2022 promotional set is a brand new LEGO Easter Polybag. This polybag contains another brick-built character of an Easter Bunny along with another brick-built Easter Egg. 30583 will also be available from 25th March until 16th April but for any purchases over $40.

Featured Images:

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