The Ninja LEGO Minecraft Minifigure Coming In A 2022 LEGO Minecraft Set

The LEGO Minecraft 2022 Minifigure poll from LEGO CON back in June, has finally had its results revealed. The vote closed just over a week ago after it had lasted about a week itself. A total of three brand new LEGO Minecraft Minifigures were contested in the poll. These go by the name of Ninja, Warrior and Ranger.

At the end of the original tweet, Ninja won with a whopping 56.4% of the total vote. This means the Ninja Minifigure shown during LEGO CON will appear in a set next year. It's unknown at the moment as to whether this vote will change the concept of the set and will be based on a Ninja build rather than a Warrior or Ranger build.