Secrets Of The Summer 2021 LEGO Harry Potter Sets Revealed

A recent exclusive interview took place with and LEGO which revealed some secrets about the LEGO Harry Potter theme. Today we're going to cover some of the main interesting things that come out of this interview. This will especially include 75978 Diagon Alley, the 20th Anniversary Golden Minifigures and more about the past of LEGO Harry Potter.

A massive thank you to who carried out this interview where we got all this information from.

Future Diagon Alley Sets?

After last years enormous 5544 pieced Diagon Alley set, many fans expected an expansion to quickly follow this year. In particular, the wizarding bank Gringotts was missing so an expansion heavily focusing on the famous bank was expected. However, it's now been rumoured 76391 Hogwarts Icons Collection will be the big D2C coming this summer.

What's even more disappointing is that according to the designers, there are no current plans for future LEGO Diagon Alley sets but the set was intentionally designed to leave possibilities open. They are aware that Gringotts is missing and are very much open to making it in the future but at the moment have no current plans to do so.

The Weird LEGO Harry Potter Golden Minifigure

In the interview with, the designers said that the Golden Professor Quirrel Minifigure was originally supposed to come in 76387 Fluffy Encounter. However, this was not possible as the golden turban piece used for Professor Quirrel was given a limited production so not enough could be made for a wide released set.

To fix the problem and still have a Golden Professor Quirrel Minifigure in the wave, he had to be moved to a set that would be retail exclusive with a much more limited release. This meant the Golden Professor Quirrel ended up in 76395 First Flying Lesson while the Golden Hermione Minifigure took the vacant spot in 76387 Fluffy Encounter.

Other 20th Anniversary Celebration

The designers also revealed more information about this years 20th-anniversary celebrations. They said that classic LEGO Harry Potter Minifigures were considered for the celebrations just like LEGO Star Wars did a couple of years ago. However, the designers were afraid classic Minifigures would devalue the sets because the classic designs were not up to modern standards.