Next LEGO Botanical Collection Set Revealed: Bird Of Paradise

The popular LEGO Botanical Collection theme is expanding this summer with one brand new set based off one of the world's most eye-catching plants, the Bird Of Paradise. The set, like the other two in the theme, is a bit fiddly to build but is a beautiful display piece.

The set itself comes with a nice brick built flower pot which fits the plant in perfectly. The simple black design of the flower pot works really well with the orange, red, purple and white we see on some areas of the plant.

The leaves are a more darker green focusing our attention more on the other colourful details. The leaves also look really smooth capturing that stereotypical leaf look. This smoothness is completely the opposite to the soil that the plants in which is made out circular brown one-by-ones.

Set Information

Set Name - Bird Of Paradise

Set Number - 10289

Ages - 18+

Piece Count - 1173

Price - £89.99/$99.99

Release Date - June 1st 2021