New LEGO Theme 'Coconut' Rumoured To Be LEGO Indiana Jones Returning In October 2022

It's a new year and with that, they'll be a new LEGO theme which has been given the code name LEGO 'Coconut'. The theme is rumoured to have four sets releasing in October 2022 with no more information except set numbers. However, it's been speculated for a while now that LEGO Indiana Jones could return this year so are these four sets the themes grand return to modern-day LEGO form...

The four sets that are rumoured have age ratings between 9+ and 12+ which seems like the perfect age for a franchise like Indiana Jone. There's also the fact that a fifth film is coming next year after it was further delayed. It would be the perfect time for LEGO to return to Indiana Jones and have new Indiana Jones fans take an interest in LEGO.

Even though these four sets come out over half a year before the new film, this wave could easily be based on just the older films. Each set could be based on each film with then a further wave releasing in April/May 2023 based only on the new fifth film.

However, it's also been rumoured that Avatar could be getting sets later this year and that Stranger Things could also be returning for more sets so will these sets actually be from Indiana Jones? In the LEGO Video game Indiana Jones 2, coconuts do play a role in one of the levels so could this be a small hint by LEGO? We're just going to have to wait until August/September when the sets will most likely be revealed.

75571 *LEGO Coconut* - 1st October 2022

75572 *LEGO Coconut* - 1st October 2022

75573 *LEGO Coconut* - 1st October 2022

75574 *LEGO Coconut* - 1st October 2022