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New LEGO Super Mario Polybag Revealed: Fuzzy and Mushroom Platform

After the first LEGO Super Mario Summer 2021 set was revealed yesterday, a new LEGO Super Mario Polybag has now also been revealed. The polybag will probably be a gift-with-purchase with the Luigi Starter Course but will become more widely available later on.

The set itself includes one enemy of a fuzzy who's sitting on a mushroom build. This our first mushroom build in the LEGO Super Mario theme with some rumours saying the orange may be a new biome. We've already seen the new 'tower' biome but another new biome in the same wave is unlikely.

Also included in the set is an interactive star block on a small section of sand with a small strip of water right next to it. The water contains a coral piece and some other marine plants. The polybag works with both Luigi and Mario but can also be just a display piece.

Set Information

Set Name - Fuzzy And Mushroom Platform

Set Number - 30389

Ages - 6+

Piece Count - 39

Price - TBC

Release Date - August 2nd 2021


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