New LEGO Stranger Things Set Coming In 2021?

An interesting new post has appeared on LEGO's Twitter page based off the popular Netflix Original, Stranger Things. For the fourth season right around the corner, LEGO created a shot from the recent trailer in LEGO form.

LEGO have already made a set based off Stranger Things with the Upside Down that released about two years ago. This was revealed and released just before the start of season three so another set, just before the start of season four, seems very likely.

The Upside Down sold really well and the show is getting more and more popular so from a marketing point of view it would make perfect sense to release another set. This would be a great way to build up even more hype for season four.

The picture itself is just a recreation of a scene in the trailer and doesn't give hardly anything away. However, it was spotted that the Minifigure in the picture is using the torso from Series 18 Party Boy. Many fans are getting excited with some believing that we could be seeing Hawkins Lab or Starcourt Mall. Either way, something strange is happening...