New LEGO Store Calendar For July 2021 Revealed | 40486 Adidas Superstar + More

The LEGO Store Calendar for July 2021 has been revealed with a great look at the gifts and promotions that are available this month. For July there are 3 different promotions with you being able to have the choice of two different polybags for one of the promotions. We are using the US LEGO Calendar so the prices will be different in different countries and some stores may even run out of sets before the promotions are actually due to end.

Overview Of LEGO Store Calendar For July 2021

40486 Adidas Superstar (July 1st-14th)

Headlining the major set launches in July is the 10282 Adidas Superstar which is a buildable version of the popular Adidas Superstar shoe. You can also now get another smaller brick-built Adidas Superstar when you spend over $85 from 1st July to the 14th July.

40410 Charles Dickens Tribute (July 12th-18th)

40410 Charles Dickens Tribute will return as another promotion this July after it was already available on last years Black Friday. Its once again available with purchases over $150 but this time will run from the 12th July until the 18th July.

30414 Emma's Magical Box OR 30568 City Skater (July 16th-25th)

The last promotion of July 2021 includes two different sets for you to choose from. These include two polybags: 30414 Emma's Magical Box and 30568 City Skater. You can choose one of these as your free gift when you spend over $40 from 16th-25th July.