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New LEGO Store Calendar For August 2021 Revealed | 40487 Sailboat Adventure + More

The LEGO Store Calendar for August 2021 has been revealed with a great look at the gifts and promotions that are available this month. For August there's a total of five different promotions and a special LEGO VIP and MY NINTENDO team-up. We are using the US LEGO Calendar so the prices will be different in different countries and some stores may even run out of sets before the promotions are actually due to end.

Overview Of LEGO Store Calendar For August 2021

LEGO Masters Book Of Secrets (August 1st-31st)

Our first freebie of the month is a brand new LEGO book based on LEGO Masters. It will most likely be a small book with little detail but should contain useful building tips to help you become a LEGO Master. This will be available for the whole of August with LEGO Classic Purchases over $60.

30454 Shang-Chi And The Great Protector Polybag (August 1st-15th)

The Shang-Chi polybag shown above will make another appearance on sale but this time it will be available for free. With any LEGO Marvel purchases over $40 from 1st August until 15th August, you'll be able to get this LEGO Marvel polybag.

LEGO Ideas 40487 Sailboat Adventure (August 4th-29th)

The most exciting freebie of the month is the latest LEGO Ideas gift with purchase, 40487 Sailboat Adventure. Even though this is a winner of a LEGO Ideas competition, it will be available with any purchase over $200. This freebie is also special as it will be available for just LEGO VIPs from 1st August until 3rd August and available to everyone from 4th August until 29th August.

LEGO Super Mario 30389 Fuzzy & Mushroom Platform Expansion Polybag (August 16th-September 5th)

With another wave of LEGO Super Mario coming this August, there's another polybag too. 30389 Fuzzy And Mushroom Platform Expansion Polybag was revealed alongside Luigi but has not become available until now. You'll be able to get this free with LEGO Super Mario purchases over $40 from August 16th until September 5th.

Free Key Chain (June 1st-December 31st)

The final promotion of the month is to do with LEGO VIPs which carries on from the last two months. If you sign up for LEGO VIPs between the 1st June 2021 and 31st December 2021, you'll get a free LEGO key chain.

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