LEGO Art 31203 World Map Officially Revealed | Biggest LEGO Set Ever!

The latest LEGO Art set has been revealed, just one lonely set, 'World Map'. Set 31203 will be the biggest LEGO set ever with a total of 11695 pieces. This beats last years LEGO Roman Colosseum which had a total of 9036 pieces.

Unlike other LEGO Art sets, this one only has three different ways of displaying the set with their being no big way of displaying it as the set is already so huge.The three different ways are just moving the continents to the right or left more so that either Africa, South America or Australia takes centre stage.

The backdrop, which uses a variety of different colours to show the depth of the ocean at certain points, can be changed to a different design in itself. These include the set normal background, a colourful patterned background and a plain black background. Throughout all these designs the land stays white.

Set Information

Set Name - World Map

Set Number - 31203

Ages - 18+

Piece Count - 11695

Price - £229.99/$249.99

Release Date - June 1st 2021