More Information On Rumoured LEGO Creator Expert 10298 Vespa For February 2022

The LEGO Creator Expert theme has already been rumoured to have many more sets next year and one of them is a new LEGO Creator Expert vehicle. This vehicle in particular is 10298 Vespa and will release on 1st February 2022. This will most likely make it the second LEGO 18+ set of the year after 10311 Botanical Collection Orchid.

Thanks to we now have further information about the rumoured Vespa which we'll share with you now. As already mentioned, the next LEGO Creator Expert vehicle will release on February 1st 2022 meaning an official reveal should be expected in January. Along with that, it'll retail for $99.99 and, even though we do not know the number of pieces yet, Minifigures will not be included.

The brick-built LEGO Vespa will be based on a classic model of a Vespa with a mint green colour scheme. The scooter will be built very similarly to how it looks in real life capturing those iconic elements but won't include a rearview mirror. Similar to the Pickup Truck, other accessories are included: two white jet helmets, a flower, a bag and a tile with a newspaper print.

Set Information

Set Name - Vespa

Set Number - 10298

Ages - 18+

Piece Count - TBC

Price - $99.99

Release Date - 1st February 2022