LEGO Teases 10282 Buildable Adidas Superstar Shoe

LEGO have just published its first teaser on social media of the rumoured upcoming LEGO Adidas buildable shoe. As already mentioned the set will be a buildable Adidas shoe based on the popular trainer, Adidas Superstar. The set will release on 1st July with the official reveal expected in the next few days.

The Adidas Superstar will contain 731 pieces and only includes a build for one shoe. If u want to have a pair of shoes you'll have to buy two sets but it is possible to build a right and a left shoe as the instructions include both right and left.

The set includes a small stand which the shoe can be presented on. Next to the stand will be a small badge which includes the important information about the shoe. This set is very special because, as you can tell from the tease, the shoelaces are not made from LEGO bricks and are instead a real fabric. The box will also be different compare to the usual dark 18+ boxes. It will instead resemble the typical iconic blue Adidas shoe box.

Set Information

Set Name - Adidas Superstar

Set Number - 10282

Ages - 18+

Piece Count - 731

Price - $89.99

Release Date - 1st July 2021