LEGO Super Mario Rumoured Winter 2022 Set Information

One of the more recent LEGO themes, LEGO Super Mario, is set to have another wave of sets released on January 1st 2022. This Winter wave will have a total of 7 brand new sets and will once again be based on the course building system. One set will be a Power-Up Pack and another one will be the fourth series of the Character Packs. They'll also be one Starter Course or Maker set while the other four will just be Expansion sets.

71396 *Power-Up Pack* $9.99

71397 *Expansion Set* $24.99

71398 *Expansion Set* $29.99

71399 *Expansion Set* $39.99

71400 *Starter Set/Maker Set* $59.99

71401 *Expansion Set* $79.99

71402 *Character Packs - Series 4* $4.99