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LEGO Super Mario Adventures With Luigi Starter Course Officially Revealed

Our first LEGO Super Mario Summer Set has been revealed and it introduces Luigi, a whole new biome, brand new pieces and much more. After Mario was recently crying out for his brother, he has now been officially revealed in a new starter course set. This does now mean you can be either, or both, sets for the Digfig to interact with the interactive tyres.

The main feature of the set is Luigi who has the similar Digfig design to his brother Mario. His main body is the same so he can wear the power up suits like Mario. Two more of these are coming in this wave and could feature Luigi advertised in both sets. Luigi also has a bigger face with a more shocked expression and a more tight chin. He also has a new hat piece to make him look taller.

Luigi's clothes are his classic green and dark blue with his hair being a brown colour like Marios. Like Mario, he also includes the expressive facial expressions on the LCD screen and speaker. Players will be able to earn just as main coins with Luigi as he interacts with the exact same pieces.

Three more characters are included in brick built form: Boom Boom who acts as the boss in this set like Bowser Junior in the Mario Starter Course, a pink Yoshi who seems to not only work like a normal Yoshi but is also a power up, and a Bone Goomba who's very similar to the one in the Character series 2 but includes a new walking feet piece.

A new biome is also included in this set and will probably appear through out this wave and the next few to come. This new biome is nougat-brown-coloured and goes by the name 'tower' biome. This biome, like the Soda Jungle biome introduced earlier this year, includes new reactions for both Luigi and Mario.

The main draw to the set is of course Luigi, but there is also a new play feature. The build is basically a see-saw used to take out Boom Boom. It can also spin round and be built differently. The Desert and Soda Jungle biomes are also included with various cactus, flowers and candles. A question block is also included with a variety of power ups.

Set Information

Set Name - Adventures With Luigi Starter Course

Set Number - 71387

Ages - 6+

Piece Count - 280

Price - $59.99/£49.99

Release Date - August 1st 2021


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