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LEGO Super Mario 71426 Piranha Plant Buildable 18+ Model Rumoured For November 2023

Only one more LEGO Super Mario set is left to release in 2023 with this being the only non-course building set of the year. This is mainly because it's the yearly LEGO Super Mario 18+ D2C which this year will be 71426 Piranha Plant. The $64.99 will be a brick-built version of the iconic Super Mario enemy of a Piranha Plant which will go perfectly with last year's 71411 The Mighty Bowser.

And similar to previous LEGO Super Mario D2C's, no Minifigures are included in the 18+ set with the Piranha Plant being the main build. But for the 540 pieces included, it is expected that either a green pipe or some sort of pot will be included for the Piranha Plant to sit in. This almost feels like a licensed Botanical Collection set that will release on 6th November 2023.

Set Information

Set Name - Piranha Plant

Set Number - 71426

Ages - 18+

Piece Count - 540

Price - $64.99

Release Date - 6th November 2023


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