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LEGO Super Mario 71410 Character Packs - Series 5 Box Distribution Revealed | August 2022

After the ffith wave of the LEGO Super Mario theme was recently full revealed, we now know the box distribution for the new Character Packs. 71410 Character Packs - series 5 becomes the first collectable LEGO Super Mario series to switch over to boxes rather than plastic packaging. The price of the series has also increased to $5.99 but LEGO fans will only need to collect eight characters to complete the series rather than 10.

There's also another positive, the characters are now slightly bigger with more detailed builds for them and bigger biome builds for them to sit on. New characters are also included in the series like Nabbit, Hammer Bro, Waddlewing and Toady. Whilst some variations of existing characters fill the rest of the slots: Purple Toad, Yellow Baby Yoshi, Red Yoshi and Blue Shy Guy. These changes also mean that each character will appear twice in a box.

Full Box Distribution

  • Blue Shy Guy (x2)

  • Hammer Bro (x2)

  • Nabbit (x2)

  • Purple Toad (x2)

  • Red Yoshi (x2)

  • Toady (x2)

  • Waddiewing (x2)

  • Yellow Baby Yoshi (x2)

General Series Information

Set Name - Character Packs Series 5

Set Number - 71410

Ages - 6+

Piece Count - 47

Price - $5.99

Release Date - 1st August 2022

Other Info - 1 Character per blind box with 16 blind boxes in a full big box

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