LEGO Super Mario 71394 Character Packs - Series 3 Ranked

With the recent release of the third series of the LEGO Super Mario Character Packs, it's time to rank the 10 new different characters. These will be available from 1st August 2021 along with the rest of the LEGO Super Mario sets for 2021. Just like the last series, they'll retail for $4.99 and probably retire at the end of the year so get them soon.

Galoomba - 9/10

Our first character to rank is the Galoomba. This has appeared most recently in Super Mario 3D World and here we can see its great representation in LEGO form. The colours are spot on with its face print instantly recognisable.

Its biome build is a nice inclusion with the new tower biome. This has some of the brick pieces in a rare colour and a small pot of fire. It's nice to see fire outside of the lava biome. 9/10.

Parachute Bob-omb - 7/10

Another LEGO Super Mario set and another Bob-omb. This time though it is a new variant with the cute parachute build already seen in a Goomba. However, it's basically the same as a normal Bob-omb that we've seen in quite a few sets now.

Its biome build is a nice desert build which we don't often get. The cactus and rocks work perfectly with the yellow flower adding a bit more colour and interest. 7/10.

Boo - 10/10

Now, this is where it gets exciting. We've already had a normal Boo and King Boo but this one is the best yet. Its scared expression is so cute and the prints all work so well. His hands being up towards his face just add to the emotion and cuteness.

Surprisingly he's the only character to come with the purple poison swamp biome. The light green plants work well with the purple and the tree stump is a nice inclusion that's not usually seen. Top marks - 10/10.

Crowber - 6/10

After the highs of the last character, it's time to go to the lows of the next. The Crowber is the only character to not be exclusive in this series which is disappointing. The exact same variant is seen in another set in this wave.

Its biome build is nothing too crazy but is different. It includes two of the cloud pieces which rarely come in the Character Packs. They also work really well with the Crowber and clearly show he's a flying enemy. 6/10.

Amp - 10/10

Our second 10/10 goes to the Amp. It's not easy to make round enemies in brick-built form but LEGO seems to do it so well yet making a simple build. The print for its face is instantly recognisable and gives it that electric look. The interaction with Mario and Luigi is the best in the series and is something completely different.

Its biome is also something quite different. It has a classic lava biome with small stones but also bits of lightning. This is the first time we've seen these pieces used in the LEGO Super Mario theme so is a welcomed change.

Torpedo Ted - 8/10

Torpedo Ted is very similar to Bullet Bill but has some defining features that make it's ranking even higher. The face print is incredible with the huge smile and then the closing eyes. The propellor piece in white is nice to get and makes a clear difference compared to Bullet Bill.

Its biome build may be similar to many other water ones but it works so well. It's simple but very effective. The green vines give it that ocean biome look and the leaves in that blue is amazing. A solid character - 8/10.

Bony Beetle - 7/10

The Bony Beetle is just a variant of the Buzzy Beetle which has already appeared in another series. This one is very similar in design but has that mint blue colour and grey shell. However, it would have been nice to see the retractable spikes Bony Beetles sometimes have when attacked.

He's the second character to come with the new Tower biome but has a much smaller build as he takes up a lot of space. The build is also very random and feels out of place compared to previous Tower biome builds. 7/10.

1-Up Mushroom - 5/10

The 1-Up Mushroom usually in-game gives the player an extra life but the Red Mushroom already introduced to LEGO Super Mario does that. Instead, it gives an extra two lives which I feel makes the game too easy. Its function isn't that different and just helps the player too much as you can still pick up more red mushrooms along the way to make you almost invincible.

The biome build is a nice inclusion of the sand biome that works nicely with the green of the mushroom. The flowers give the build more colour and it's nice to see more pink in the LEGO Super Mario theme. However, its rock/brick build that it sits on is very similar to the Poison Mushroom and other characters. Not the happiest with this one - 5/10.

Scuttlebug - 9/10

Now, this is a good character. The Scuttlebug is already a great character in the Mario series and LEGO have made him perfectly. The build for his hands works so well and the white pole at the back really looks like a web. That face print is also amazing and the piece used of the teeth is just a genius move.

The biome build isn't that much as most of the pieces are used for the Scuttlebug. However, there is plenty of space which is a good thing so the nice flowers that are used are nicely spread out. They also fit perfectly into the grass biome. 9/10.

Swoop - 7/10

And finally, our last character to rank is the Swoop. Even though this has already appeared in a set in the first wave, it's a little different here. One piece is a different colour and here it is no longer connected to something else. The Swoop is just a great character anyway so I'm fine with it.

Its biome build is another one that's simple yet effective. The small flames work well with the grey bricks and overall the build works perfectly with Bowser's Castle. 7/10.