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LEGO Star Wars 75365 Yavin IV Rebel Base Rumoured For August 2023

After the recent reveal of the latest LEGO Star Wars 18+ Helmets, we now have some new information about a highly anticipated Summer 2023 set. In particular, this is 75365 Yavin IV Rebel Base which will be a brand new playset of the Rebel Alliance's hidden military base. This is located on the jungle-covered fourth moon of Yavin which has not been seen for a while in modern LEGO Star Wars form.

But it will finally be returning as the set will be releasing on 1st August 2023 for $159.99. Like many recent sets though, for that price tag it has a very low piece count of just 1,067. However, Brick Clicker is reporting that at least 12 Minifigures will be included in this $160 set making it worth every penny. We don't know exactly what these Minifigure are but we can guess the likes of Luke, Han, Leia, Mon Mothma, Rebel Pilots and more will be included.

The actual build of the set will be fully playable from all angles basically making it a 360 degrees diorama. A Y-Wing Microfighter is included along with a watchtower and many more features as the set is likely to be a fair size both in terms of height and length. Currently. that's all the information we have on the set but it's likely more rumours will come out within the next few months...

Set Information

Set Name - Yavin IV Rebel Base

Set Number - 75365

Ages - 8+

Piece Count - 1,067

Price - $159.99

Release Date - 1st August 2023


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