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LEGO Star Wars 75364 Ahsoka Republic Ship Rumoured For September 2023

The release of the highly anticipated Ahoska Disney+ series is now closer than ever and with that so are the LEGO sets based on the series. We currently know that 75357, 75362 and 75364 are all based on the series but the latter of these is the most mysterious of the three. According to Reddit user FluffySky6, the set 75364 'will be at least somewhat New Republic focused'.

Luckily, we now have more information than just a couple of theories and rumours as it is now confirmed the set is new republic based but in particular will be a Republic Ship. We assume the ship will be present at some point during the Ahsoka show and then we'll find out its real name but for now, the set is called 'Ahsoka Republic Ship'. And this makes sense considering its fairly high piece count at 1,056 pieces and price of $109.99.

And for $109.99, the set will include a total of five Minifigures. These include Republic-based figures like a Republic pilot dressed in blue and white, and an Astromech droid in dark blue with yellow markings and a yellow head. Along with these two, there's the Jedi Morgan Elsbeth in a red robe, Baylan with a white beard and black robes and finally his student Shin in a dark tan outfit with shoulder-length blonde hair.

Set Information

Set Name - *Ahsoka Republic Ship*

Set Number - 75364

Ages - 9+

Piece Count - 1,056

Price - $109.99

Release Date - 1st September 2023


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