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LEGO Sonic The Hedgehog 76995 Shadow's Escape Officially Revealed | January 2024

LEGO Shadow the Hedgehog Minifigure is finally here as a brand new LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog set has been officially revealed with him in it. This is 76995 Shadow's Escape which for $20.99 will include 196 pieces. As the name suggests, the main build of the set is based around Shadow's escape from the evil villain of Eggman with a brick-built capsule from Dr Eggman included in the set along with a small barrier build.

Most of the 196 pieces are used for the build of the enemy Rhinobot and the other two characters included in the $21 set. These are a brand new exclusive Shadow Minifigure and a reuse of Clucky the Chicken from 76991 Tails' Workshop and Tornado Plane. A side build for this brand-new Shadow Minifigure is included in his black bike, the Dark Rider, further allowing him to escape Eggman.

76995 Shadow's Escape

Set Name - Shadow's Escape

Set Number - 76995

Age Range - 6+

Piece Count - 196

Price - $20.99

Release Date - 1st January 2024


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