LEGO Reveals First-Ever Brick Made From Recycled Plastic

LEGO has just revealed the first-ever prototype LEGO brick made from 100% recycled plastic. This is a massive step for LEGO lowering their impact on the environment by producing a sustainable LEGO brick.

The prototype LEGO brick is just a 2x4 made from PET plastic bottles. Its the first-ever recycled plastic brick to satisfy LEGOs safety and quality tests. However, many tests still need to be carried out for the bricks to actually start reaching our shelves. LEGO have very high standards for strength, safety and durability to make sure our LEGO bricks are of the highest quality.

As it is a prototype, its still being continuously worked on even if it passes the already mentioned tests. LEGO still want it to feel, sound and click like all the other LEGO bricks. This means it could be a few years before the recycled bricks are in sets meaning that LEGO may not reach their 2030 sustainability target.

There are of course many positives to the recycled brick, and not just environmental ones. LEGO's Vice President of Environmental Responsibility, Tim Brooks, said that "there's also opportunities to make new shapes out of PET, because of the material properties, and potentially new colours that we haven't used before". For the LEGO team its more about what this new material can do to help them that the normal brick material can't.