LEGO NINJAGO Summer 2022 Rumoured Set Numbers, Names, Descriptions, Prices And Pieces

Summer may still be quite a few months away but LEGO NINJAGO becomes the first LEGO theme to have all of its Summer 2022 wave sets rumoured. A total of nine sets from the theme will be releasing on 1st June 2022 with all of them now having set names and descriptions.

This means we now know that this wave, unlike the Winter one, will continue with the LEGO NINJAGO story as all the sets are crystal themed. Fans can expect the Crystal King, golden dragons, returning villains and much more from this wave. The likes of Harumi, Aspheera and Pythor from past seasons of LEGO NINJAGO will all be returning in this wave along with new builds.

71759 Dragon Temple

Minifigures Kai and Zane in their core suits are included along with two snakes as enemy Minifigures. The snakes get the usual 4+ motorbike and the ninjas get the main build of the set, the dragon.

The dragon is very similar to 71701 Kai's Fire Dragon but the wings are made from just one piece and the upper half of the dragon is light blue. The temple is only 8x8 studs and houses a dragon sword. Next to it is a nest consisting of a rock with a tree and a crocodile egg.

Set Name - Dragon Temple

Set Number - 71759

Ages - 4+

Piece Count - 161

Price - $39.99

Release Date - 1st June 2022

71768 Jay's Golden Dragon Motorbike

The motorbike is mainly gold with dashes of blue but smaller compared to previous LEGO NINJAGO bikes. Jay comes in a new special suit that includes his new gold winged armour. The set also contains one of the new Crystal Samurai and a small black turret.

Set Name - Jay's Golden Dragon Motorbike

Set Number - 71768

Ages - 7+

Piece Count - 137

Price - $19.99

Release Date - 1st June 2022

71769 Cole's Dragon Racer

The set is the usual one vehicle and four Minifigures with a new part of some golden blades at the rear of the vehicle. The rear hubcaps, tail blades and hood are all gold too whilst the rest of the vehicle is black.

As already mentioned, there are four Minifigures in this set which include Cole, a Crystal Samurai, Kai in his golden winged armour and two swords, and the crystal version of Aspheera. She returns in black with a pink fire and crystal armour and she's equipped with a new transparent crystal sword.

Set Name - Cole's Dragon Racer

Set Number - 71769

Ages - 8+

Piece Count - 384

Price - $39.99

Release Date - 1st June 2022

71770 Zane's Gold Dragon Jet

The jet has two large blades which stick out from the side. The tip of the jet consists of a new piece which will most likely be white along with the rest of the jet but it could also be one of the dashes of gold. There are also some blue parts of the jet which include a transparent cockpit and a tiled shuriken pattern on the wings.

The Minifigures include Zane, Cole in his golden winged armour and the skull and crossbones Magician in a new black suit with pink crystal armour. Cole also comes with the scythe which the Magician comes with too along with the new crystal sword.

Set Name - Zane's Gold Dragon Jet

Set Number - 71770

Ages - 7+

Piece Count - 258

Price - $29.99

Release Date - 1st June 2022

71771 The Temple of the Crystal King

The Temple of the Crystal King consists of four different buildings. The smallest consists of three small floating stones, each attached to a plate with a rod. The second building consists of two spiral staircases that lead to a small altar with a golden throwing star. The third is slightly larger and includes a long staircase that leads to another altar but on a larger rock.

Finally, the fourth building is the largest with three large crystals sticking out from the rock with prison also hanging on the side of this rock. Kai, Cole and Zane are all included as Minifigures in his set with another unknown character also hidden in the prison. Two enemies of one unknown Minifigure and a Minifigure that's black with four arms and four pink crystal swords.

Set Name - Temple of the Crystal King

Set Number - 71771

Ages - 8+

Piece Count - 703

Price - $79.99

Release Date - 1st June 2022

71772 The Crystal King

The Crystal King is very similar to a mech but is instead a centaur (half horse and half-human). The Crystal King is mainly black with a couple of hints of purple and gold. He has golden armour for his belly and has a long lance with a new crystal tip.

Two Crystal Sumarai Minifigures are included along with a new Minifigure for Harumi with two red samurai swords and a new Lloyd Minifigure with hair and a cape. The Crystal King is also likely to be included as the fifth Minifigure of the set.

Set Name - The Crystal King

Set Number - 71772

Ages - 9+

Piece Count - 723

Price - $69.99

Release Date - 1st June 2022

71773 Kai's Gold Dragon Raider

Kai's Gold Dragon Raider has two long arms that hold the narrower front wheels whilst the rear with much wider wheels are attached closer to the vehicle. Lots of Golden pieces like some new blades decorate the vehicle. Four more Crystal Samurai Minifigures, Kai and Zane in his golden winged armour with his throwing stars are all included in the set.

Set Name - Kai's Gold Dragon Raider

Set Number - 71773

Ages - 8+

Piece Count - 624

Price - $89.99

Release Date - 1st June 2022

71774 Lloyd's Ultra Gold Dragon

Lloyd's Ultra Gold Dragon is a four-headed dragon with each of the wings built with three of the new blades. The dragon mainly consists of golden pieces but includes some small white pieces on its underside. Nine Minifigures are also included in the site: Lloyd in a golden form, Cole, Kai, Jay, Zane, three unknown villains and a new four-armed villain.

Set Name - Lloyd's Ultra Gold Dragon

Set Number - 71774

Ages - 9+

Piece Count - 989

Price - $139.99

Release Date - 1st June 2022

71775 Nya's Samurai-X Mech

Nya's new mech is mainly blue with black legs and arms with small hints of gold. On the chest of the mech is a big red X, with two windshield pieces being used in black for the legs and the new golden blades being used as swords.

A small dragon is also included to fight the mech. It has two large pink crystals sticking out of its arms and head. Two more Crystal Sumarai Minifigures are included along with Jay, Nya, two unknown Minifigures and Pythor with red armour.

Set Name - Nya's Samurai-X Mech

Set Number - 71775

Ages - 10+

Piece Count - 1003

Price - $119.99

Release Date - 1st June 2022