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LEGO NINJAGO 71813 Wolf Mask Shadow Dojo Officially Revealed | March 2024

2024 marks 13 years of the LEGO NINJAGO theme but the range of ninja-related sets doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon. Already we've had the release of a wave of mainly mechs and other sadly unexciting builds, but the second wave of 2024 is much more exciting for the LEGO NINJAGO line. This second wave, releasing on the 1st of March 2024, has been officially revealed including 71813 Wolf Mask Shadow Dojo.

71813 will be one of the biggest LEGO NINJAGO sets of 2024 with a retail price of $119.99 for a total of 1,190 pieces. Thats only a few pieces less than another $120 set releasing in March of 71819 Dragonstone Temple. Both are just as beautiful and well-designed making them well worth that $120.

Those 1,190 pieces included the Wolf Mask Shadow Dojo are used to create three main builds. One of these is a ring at the centre of the set where Lloyd and Arin can duel, the other a couple of tree builds with ropes attaching to the dojo and of course, the final and main building is the Wolf Mask Shadow Dojo building itself.

The brick-built Dojo is a mix of black, dark blue, grey and pink. Above the Dojo building is a circular red and black sign and at the centre is a large, highly detailed build for a Wolf's head. In this interesting build of a wolf's head hangs a large golden ball build in its mouth, further expanding the intricate builds of the 9+ LEGO NINJAGO set.

And of course, the fun doesn't stop there as 71813 Shadow Dojo also includes a total of eight Minifigures. These include Kai, Nya, Zane, Lloyd, Arin, Cinder, Ras and a Wolf Warrior. The mix of new and old characters, with the three ninjas Lloyd, Zane and Nya being exclusive, make this set well worth that $119.99 once it releases on 1st March 2024.

71813 Wolf Mask Shadow Dojo

Set Name - Wolf Mask Shadow Dojo

Set Number - 71813

Age Range - 9+

Piece Count - 1,190

Price - $119.99

Release Date - 1st March 2024


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