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LEGO NINJAGO 71799 NINJAGO City Markets Officially Revealed | June 2023

After a couple of years since the last one, a brand new LEGO NINJAGO City expansion has been officially revealed to be released on 4th June 2023. 71799 NINJAGO City Markets will release alongside the new wave of LEGO NINJAGO Dragon's Rising sets but is connectable with previous years LEGO NINJAGO modular buildings. 71799 will be the biggest LEGO NINJAGO set ever with a total of 6,163 pieces retailing for $369.99.

As already mentioned, 71799 Ninjago City Markets will be the biggest LEGO NINJAGO set yet with 478 pieces more than 71741 Ninjago City Gardens. Because of this, the set has a wide range of Minifigures included in its $370 price tag. The 21 Minifigures include Blacksmith Kai, Urban Sora, Urban Arin, Detective Zane, Hounddog McBrag, Gayle Gossip, Chamille, Miss Demeanor, Dareth and many more.

The biggest LEGO NINJAGO set ever features 4 floors of shops, restaurants, offices and apartments, as well as a yellow cable car stretching along the base of the set, a lift, boat, bridge and even a flushable toilet. This makes for a funny yet action-packed set with many cool play features and details from the LEGO NINJAGO universe.

There's also a bakery, a blacksmith’s, a general store, the Borg store, market stalls, a rooftop food court and a karaoke club with a pool table and stage. This allows for plenty of space for all the Minifigures and the Ninjas to hangout. One of Ninja's, Arin, even has his own apartment with a bunkbed and cool LEGO NINJAGO micro figures. All of this, its beautiful scenery and more its included in the biggest and best LEGO NINJAGO set yet.

Set Information

Set Name - Ninjago City Markets

Set Number - 71799

Ages - 14+

Piece Count - 6,163

Price - $369.99

Release Date - 4th June 2023


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