LEGO Minifigures Looney Tunes Series Box Distribution Revealed

After the official reveal of the next LEGO Minifigures series based on the popular cartoon Looney Tunes, we now have the rough box distribution. Like series 21, this series will continue with 12 collectable Minifigures so will have the full box of 36 Minifigures. Again, like series 21, it will contain an equal amount of each Minifigure.

This information is only based off more and more people online now having a complete box. The likes of Just2good, Ashnflash and Brick Fanatics have now all had a complete box of these. Exactly where each packet is in the box can't be predicted as these are placed randomly and can even be moved around inside the box by the retailer.

Here is the full list of Minifigures in the series with their box distribution:

  1. Bugs Bunny x3

  2. Lola Bunny x3

  3. Daffy Duck x3

  4. Sylvester x3

  5. Tweety x3

  6. Marvin the Martian x3

  7. Porky Pig x3

  8. Petunia Pig x3

  9. Taz x3

  10. Wile E Coyote x3

  11. Road Runner x3

  12. Speedy Gonzales x3