LEGO Minifigures Changing from Plastic Packaging to New Cardboard Boxes Packaging from 2023

The sad day is upon us as news broken by both and have confirmed that the days of feeling LEGO Minifigures are over. Both news websites have made articles explaining that LEGO will be accelerating its environmental push further with the introduction of cardboard boxes rather than plastic packaging. They've also both confirmed that LEGO is not planning to implement a way of feeling the Minifigures inside.

This means the days of feeling for Minifigures are over as the popular LEGO theme is set to have the same fate as the LEGO VIDIYO Bandmates and the latest series of LEGO Super Mario Character Packs. These have both received major backlash from fans within the community and this announcement is the worse of the lot.

However, it's being reported that the earliest these cardboard boxes will be introduced is 2023 and most likely September 2023. This means that Series 23 and at least two more Minifigures series will have plastic packaging but after that, it will be all change. LEGO themselves have even shown various concept packages of what the new packaging could look like.

None of these is the final concept though and LEGO is still wanting to hear feedback from fans and various new websites. Our opinion is simple: yes it's a great step in the right direction for sustainability, but there's nothing better than feeling a packet of Minifigures and then the excitement and nerve of finding out if you've got it right. And then it's even better once you've got the whole colourful and detailed series of 12 Minifigures!

But now that's no longer a guarantee and almost impossible unless your willing to spend a hefty amount or a whole box. These whole boxes will remain to have 36 bags (boxes) in them and LEGO doesn't plan on increasing the current price of $4.99 any time soon. At least that's one positive but it does not look good for the future of LEGO Minifigures...

What do you think of this change to LEGO Minifigures?

  • It's a great change - a much more sustainable move

  • Meh - don't care really

  • It's a terrible change - now I can't feel for them