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LEGO Minifigures 71037 Series 24 Minifigure Lineup Leaked + Rumoured For January 2023

With a brand new year coming very soon so is a brand new Minifigure series of 71037 Series 24 making it the 24th unlicensed CMF series. The series will once again retail for $4.99 and will luckily still remain in the plastic packaging the Minifigures are usually in. However, according to, it's likely that from September 2023 that we'll see the cardboard box packaging which has started to appear in other collectable LEGO series.

Also thanks to we now know information about all 12 Minifigures appearing in the series. 3 of these have already been leaked but we now know have further information about each of these accessories and other features. One of these other features includes the packaging which will be purple for the first time with a similar question mark pattern in the background.

It's also believed that we may get official pictures of the series within the next few days or weeks so stay tuned for that post...

List of Minifigures

Female Potter - Surprisingly there's not been many Minifigures that have been doing pottery before but in Series 24 we will get a female potter with a potter's wheel, mug and bowl included.

Newsboy - Young boy Minifigure with a bag, newspaper and slingshot.

T-Rex Costume - A man in a brown T-Rex costume.

Orc - One of the three Minifigures that have already leaked, the Orc is a fictional humanoid monster which is very similar to a goblin. The LEGO version is a light green with different prints on his torso and legs. He also comes with a brand new piece beneath his head to make a more goblin-like face.

Carrot Costume - Our second costume of the series is a man in a carrot costume. He comes with a "Farmers Market" sign and orange hair.

Zoo Keeper - Comes with a koala piece.

Space Warrior - Quite a cool and colourful Minifigure, the space warrior comes with a green helmet which matches his green armoured torso. He also has some hints of white and pink. His accessory is a space gun which uses an interesting build of two pink rollerskates.

Black Falcon Archer - A blast from the past here with a Black Falcon Archer that comes with red hair, a cape, a bow and a black falcon

Classic Astronaut - Another old LEGO theme being referenced here is LEGO Classic space with an astronaut in brown with a gauge and a baby astronaut in blue.

Female Referee - Dressed in bright yellow with black shorts. Includes the usual football pieces and a red and yellow card as accessories.

French Lady - We've had a French Man in a previous series and now we've got a French Lady who comes with a wide skirt that stretches over 4 studs. She also comes with a powdered face, a wig and a small white dog

Girl on Wooden Rocking Horse

General Series Information

Set Name - Series 24

Set Number - 71037

Ages - 5+

Piece Count - TBC

Price - $4.99

Release Date - 1st January 2023

Rumoured information + featured image from

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