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LEGO Minifigures 71034 Series 23 Rumoured Minifigure Lineup | September 2022

After we just released a post the other day, we now have further information on the upcoming LEGO collectable Minifigures series. This is another non-licensed 71034 Series 23 retailing for $4.99. The series will celebrate LEGO's 90th Anniversary but will be similar to Series 18s costume party. Series 23 will be filled with 12 more exclusive costume Minifigures all going to celebrate 90 years of LEGO.

List of Minifigures

Grey Knight - A Minifigure dressed as a grey knight with a gold visor and gold sword. They also have a printed shield and a printed chest plate with the Classic-Castle logo.

Green Dragon - A woman Minifigure dressed in the usual dragon costume with the headpiece and printed feet included. All of this will be green.

Fairy - This is a young girl in a magical costume with a white crown, translucent pink wings and a skirt. Her accessory will be a candy cane piece ad she'll be heavily detailed with printed feet.

Reindeer - A woman Minifigure dressed in a reindeer costumer with a gift box, a printed heart tile and printed reindeer feet.

Nutcracker/Soldier - A man in a red nutcracker/soldier costume with a new hat/hair combo, a gold sabre sword and white and black printed dual moulded legs.

Snowman - A Minifigure dressed as a snowman with a new head mould for the snowman along with a hat and a broom.

Blue Robot - A woman in a blue robot costume with scissors and an information board as if it's a toy. The Minifigure also has dual moulded legs in blue and orange and printed feet.

Popcorn Cup costume - A young boy in a new Popcorn Cup costume.

Captain - A man dressed as a captain with a captain's hat but with a new ship mould attached between his torso and legs.

Turkey - A man in a turkey costume with a new head and tailpiece for the turkey. His legs are dual moulded in brown and red and he includes a pumpkin as an accessory.

Elf - A young dressed as an elf with printed legs and a snow globe as an accessory.

Wolf - A man dressed as a wolf with dual moulded legs and a sack as an accessory.

General Series Information

Set Name - Series 23

Set Number - 71034

Ages - 5+

Piece Count - 8

Price - $4.99

Release Date - 1st September 2022

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22 de jun. de 2022

Series 23 is gonna be a good cmf series

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