LEGO Minifigures 71034 90th Anniversary Series Rumoured For July/August

Another day and we have another rumour about this year's LEGO Minifigures situation with a special 90th Anniversary series also rumoured for 2022. In particular, it'll be 71034 which is only slightly rumoured to be a 90th Anniversary series after Series 18 was an anniversary of the LEGO Minifigure.

However, this is the series we have the least amount of information on which means it could still be DC series 2 or a Harry Potter series 3 or something else. It has been rumoured that this will contain 12 Minifigures though meaning it's unlikely to be another Disney Series but currently anything could happen

Set Information

Set Name - *90th Anniversary series*

Set Number - 71034

Ages - 5+

Piece Count - 8

Price - $4.99

Release Date - July/ August 2022