LEGO Minifigures 71032 Series 22 Leaked With More Info on Minifigures Included + Packaging

With reveal season for Winter 2022 coming very soon, it's no surprise that some sets are starting to be leaked early. One of these includes the latest Minifigure series of 71032 Series 22 which is set to release 1st January 2022. Even though we can't show you the leak, we can describe to you the Minifigures shown and the packaging of the series.

List of Minifigures

Here is the list of 12 Minifigures, in their checklist order, coming in series 22 with their names currently being unofficial and just being based on their description and leaked images:

  1. Robot Mechanic - Comes in yellow with a special arm that can pick up tools (things like a hammer, a wrench, a unicorn horn as a drill etc.). There's also a smaller robot built-in red with large black eyes.

  2. Woman in Chilli Costume - An adult Minifigure whos chilli costume is a brand new piece. Her torso and legs are a darker red and she comes with a carton of milk.

  3. Bard - Mainly dressed in blue but has sleeves and boots in black. His facial expression looks new along with a new design/shape for a ukulele.

  4. Snow Warrior - Comes with a white beard, a long sword, a shield with a snowflake print, a wintery hat and a husky. His clothes are all set for winter with a while hood around his neck included.

  5. Girl with Foal - The girl has a very happy expression and uses mid legs along with a rare hair-and-hat piece. A new piece is included for the foal along with a carrot.

  6. Male Skater - A new skater this time in light blue with ice skates in silver, a trophy and a blonde version of Tan France's hairpiece.

  7. Moon Warrior - Another warrior this time with a purple see-thru sword and a purple shield with a printed crescent of the moon. Her hair is green which goes nicely with her mint coloured face. She has an almost medieval look with her grey outfit bit includes a small bit of pink and some moon logos.

  8. Forest Spirit - A Minifigure with short legs, a green cloak along with a green torso, an acorn hat and an accessory of a stick and a toadstool that has a cute face.

  9. Researcher - A female Minifigure with a plain black torso and beige dual molded legs. She comes with a green hat, a pink bag that goes around her neck and some black binoculars. A new piece for a toucan is included along with a branch.

  10. Girl in Raccoon Costume - The raccoon costume is very similar to the fox but is grey with some hints of black. Has a green garbage can and a white bag as an accessory.

  11. Alien Insect - An alien-like Minifigure with a purple body and a Classic Space logo on the torso. Its head is pink with antennae and its got green wings and a green space blaster.

  12. Man with Racing Wheelchair - New build for the wheelchair with an extra wheel at the front. The Minifigure itself is wearing light blue with a new light blue helmet along with the usual medal piece.

The Packaging & Checklist

The 22nd non-licensed series is set to have a light blue packaging very similar to series 5. It's still the same plastic packaging we're used to with nine different Minifigures shown on the front. The Minifigure logo is at the top along with the series number while the age and set number are at the bottom. The checklist is the same as recent series with there being three rows and four Minifigures on each row.

General Series Information

Set Name - LEGO Minifigures Series 22

Set Number - 71032

Ages - 5+

Piece Count - 8

Price - $4.99

Release Date - 1st January 2022