LEGO 71031 Marvel Minifigures Series Full List and Description Of Minifigures Revealed

The next Minifigures series, our first-ever LEGO Marvel Minifigures series, has had further information revealed. All 12 characters that we told you about in April are official and will be coming in this series.

We'll go over these characters again and their new descriptions, including prints, outfits, and accessories. And, as said at the start of April, the series will be based on four Disney+ shows: WandaVision, Falcon And The Winter Soldier, Loki, and What If...?.


Scarlet Witch - Will come with a new hairpiece that includes her 'crown', dual-moulded arms and a nice red cape but no skirt is included.

White Vision - Will come with dual-moulded legs, a white cape and printing on arms, legs and sides.

Monica Rambeau - Will come with printed or dual-moulded arms, but no leg printing.

Falcon And The Winter Soldier

Captain America (Sam Wilson) - Will come with printed arms or possibly dual-moulded arms, dual-moulded legs with both front and side printing. He'll also come with brick built wings which are made up of about five different parts and a shield is also included.

Bucky Barnes - Will come with printed arms and have accessories of a knife and a shield.


Loki - Will come in a trench coat outfit with 'VARIANT' printed on the back. There's also a cup printed on it and throg, who has a red cape printed on it and is holding a small hammer in his hand (it's all one piece).

Lady Loki - Will come with a brand new hairpiece with a diadem, printed arms, a baby crocodile and a green 'jade blade'.

What If...?

Peggy Carter as Captain Britain - Will come with arm printing, printed dual-moulded legs with side printing and he'll come with the Captain Britain shield and Tessaract.

Zombie Captain America - Will come with printed arms, printed dual-moulded legs and side printing. He also comes with a helmet and a shield with a 'zombified' print.

T'Challa as Star-Lord - Will come with a helmet and an extra hairpiece. Also comes with an accessory of two blasters.

Steve Rodgers as Spider-Man - Will come with printed arms and printed dual-moulded legs with side printing. He also comes with a Doctor Strange cape with an additional Steve Rodgers head and hairstyle.

Gamora as Thanos - Will come with dual-moulded arms with printing, leg and footprinting, and a double sword.