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LEGO Marvel 76250 Wolverine Helmet 18+ Set Rumoured For August 2023

We've already had one LEGO Marvel Helmet release this year of 76251 Star-Lord's Helmet but another brick built 18+ Helmet will be coming in the summer. This will once again be for the LEGO Marvel theme and will be 76250 Wolverine Helmet. 76250 will cost $10 less than 76251 which released just a few days ago indicating that the set will most likely be more of a mask than an actual helmet.

But the $69.99 set should still include the distinctive features of the X-Men's helmet/mask and that bright yellow colour scheme. Many yellow pieces should be included along with hints of black and maybe blue to give the helmet even more features. Like all 18+ helmets, 76250 Wolverine Helmet will be placed on a black stand with an exclusive print indicating that it's Wolverine's unique helmet once the set releases on 1st August 2023.

Set Information

Set Name - Wolverine Helmet

Set Number - 76250

Ages - 18+

Piece Count - TBC

Price - $69.99

Release Date - 1st August 2023


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