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LEGO Marvel 76210 Hulkbuster Mrk1 D2C Leaked | November 2022

After over a year of rumours, the giant LEGO Marvel D2C of the Hulkbuster now has pictures of the set, even if these are leaks. The set was originally rumoured to have the set number 76215 but this was surprisingly revealed as another Black Panther: Wakanda Forever set of 76215 Black Panther. This means the Hulkbuster will become the biggest LEGO Marvel set of 2022 as it'll retail for an extra $50 at $549.99 rather than the originally rumoured $499.99.

The price isn't the only giant thing about 76210 as it'll include 4,049 pieces measuring just over a metre high at 52cm and luckily a little less wide at 37cm. Included in the 4,049 pieces is a Tony Stark Minifigure. He's exclusive to the set with his torso being only half armoured and his legs being black. He'll also be based, like the rest of the set, on the Age of Ultron meaning it's basically a big remake of the 2018 LEGO Hulkbuster.

However, this Mrk 1 Hulkbuster includes many other features including areas to open it up at the top and at the sides. This allows enough space to fit the Tony Stark Minifigure and his accessories. Three light bricks are also used on the model's chest and hands to power up the giant Hulkbuster ready to fight. Its kneecaps also have a piece each allowing them to glow in the dark and make a great spectacle both in the light and in the dark.

Like most D2C sets, a stand is also included along with an information plaque which the Tony Stark Minifigure can sit next to. Due to this and the overall shaping of the build, it's unlikely the Hulkbuster is that possible and moveable making it just a display set.

However, it won't be long until LEGO Marvel fans will be able to display this set next to the recent released 76215 Black Panther, as 76210 releases on 4th November 2022 for LEGO VIPS. For everyone else meanwhile, they'll have to wait until 11th November 2022 to buy it directly from LEGO.

Set Information

Set Name - Hulkbuster Mrk1

Set Number - 76210

Ages - 18+

Piece Count - 4,049

Price - $549.99

Release Date - 11th November 2022

Images from Brickpedia on Instagram

1 Comment

Oct 15, 2022

That price per part ratio is trash. I can’t wait for the marvel hype to be dead so lego can actually produce comic based sets for marvel & dc again. So far mcu phase 4 has had terrible ratings beyond the fanatics

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