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LEGO Legend of Zelda: 2in1 Deku Tree D2C Rumoured For 2024

It looks like LEGO Legend of Zelda will finally be coming in 2024 with at least one D2C set of the Deku Tree. This comes after JeanGreyForever took part in a survey where they were asked questions about how much they would pay for upcoming LEGO sets and existing LEGO sets. A LEGO 18+ Legend of the Zelda set was included in this list indicating that there's the possibility the set will be coming next year.

This new Legend of Zelda set in particular is a 2in1 of the legendary Deku Tree. One version of the tree is based on the design in the game Ocarina of Time with green leaves and the other is based on the very successful Breath of the Wild with mainly pink leaves. However, the trees themselves also have slightly different builds and will most likely need to be rebuilt completely to change the design.

In both versions, the set sits on an 18+ black base making it a diorama-like set with the Legend of Zelda logo printed on the front. Furthermore, the set is Minifigure scale including Link based on his appearance in Ocarina of Time with green clothing and mid legs along with another Link but in normal legs and Zelda. Both of these are based on their appearances in Breath of the Wild.

Set Information

Set Name - The Legend of Zelda: 2in1 Deku Tree

Set Number - TBC

Ages - 18+

Piece Count - 1,920

Price - around $249.99

Release Date - 2024


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