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LEGO Indiana Jones April 2023 Sets Officially Revealed | 77012, 77013 + 77015

It's almost April and that means it's finally the return of the LEGO Indiana Jones theme with three sets available from 1st April 2023. Originally there were four but 77014 The Temple of Doom has been cancelled even though the reasons for this decision are unknown. But we still have 77012, 77013 and 77015 releasing in just a few weeks time after an official reveal today.

All these sets include brand new builds and brand new Minifigures along with the main character of Indiana Jones. He has his usual shoulder bag and rolled-up whip but comes with a dual-moulded hat with hair and includes a couple of different torsos.

Four more sets with the set numbers 77016, 77017, 77018 and 77019 will release in the Summer of 2023 as these are based on the upcoming fifth Indiana Jones theme. All these sets were originally planned for last year until the film was further delayed so it's likely many of these sets are spoiler sets. And because of this, information on these four other sets isn't huge but we're likely to know more information soon.

77012 Fighter Plane Chase

Set Name - Fighter Plane Chase

Set Number - 77012

Ages - 8+

Piece Count - 387

Price - $34.99

Release Date - 1st April 2023

77013 Escape from the Lost Tomb

Set Name - Escape from the Lost Tomb

Set Number - 77013

Ages - 8+

Piece Count - 600

Price - $39.99

Release Date - 1st April 2023

77015 Temple of the Golden Idol

Set Name - Temple of the Golden Idol

Set Number - 77015

Ages - 18+

Piece Count - 1,545

Price - $149.99

Release Date - 1st April 2023

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