LEGO Ideas We Love Sports Winner And Future Set Revealed At LEGO CON

The winner of the recent LEGO Ideas We Love Sports contest has been revealed as a part of the first-ever LEGO CON. Donat Fehervari's Foosball Table was announced the winner on Saturday meaning that his idea will become an official LEGO set on our shelves in the future.

The 16 year old was one of ten different contestants in the LEGO Ideas contest. However, he was only the winner in the contest with a total of 1,244 votes. This idea will go into development with another 7 different ideas. With that in mind, this will probably be another 2023 release along with the recently announced motorized lighthouse.

The brick built foosball table itself is almost as functional as a real foosball table. The tables 55cm long and 3cm wide with it featuring 22 different Minifigures. 11 Minifigures are on the blue team and 11 Minifigures are on the red team. All these Minifigures are very similar but don't actually need to be very detailed as the set is a foosball table.